Living the #pumplife

I'm a busy breastfeeding mom, just like you.  

The thing I hate most about pumping is the inconvenience.  I mean who has time to sit and hold their pump for 20 to 40 minutes several times a day?  Not me.  Probably not you.

I nursed my daughter for 13 months, and pumped for 10 of those.  I DIY'd a pitiful hands-free pumping bra because I'm too cheap to spend $40 or more on an actual hands-free pumping bra.  When my son was born, I drug out my old bra with holes cut in the cups, so I could continue to manage life while I pumped milk for him.  

Fast forward about 6 months,  during a pump-time convo with my BFF, I was struck with an idea that I just had to pursue.  I never set out to be an inventor or create this product, it just all came together in a whirlwind of breast milk and pump parts!

Convenience.  Affordability.  Simplicity.  

The Pumpndo clips directly on to your nursing bra or tank... eliminating the need to put on a separate bra!  The unique design of the Pumpndo Hands-Free Pumping Accessory uses the support of the bra you are already wearing, to pump hands-free.  Now you can pump... and still do things!  Need to know more about how it works? Watch this video,  Click here for FAQs, or here for sizing questions.


Pumpndo is proudly made in Michigan & is a unique, patented design.  


“This product is super easy to use and I love the convenience of being able to attach to the bra I’m already wearing. Who has time to swap out bras?!? It’s affordable, convenient and makes pumping hands free! Love it!!!”
— Amazon Customer

We are striving to offer products that help make nursing & pumping moms lives a little easier, while contributing to the local economy, keeping production within the USA.


More about me...


Because I know you are curious.

My name is Julie and I live in Hesperia, MI with my husband, our two kids, 2 dogs and aspiring hobby farm.  

My passions include spending time with my crazy family, spreading knowledge and love of babywearing & breastfeeding to anyone I meet & drinking copious amounts of wine.  

I am a Grand Valley State University graduate, and have a corporate job in a field in no relation to my degree.

I love silence, sunshine and sarcasm.