Hi!  I'm Julie.  I live in the tiny town of Hesperia, Michigan with my husband, our 2 babes, 2 dogs and a few other animals on our aspiring hobby farm.  I cloth diaper, babywear, breastfeed and drink wine.  As an aspiring mompreneur, who also works a full time corporate job, you could say I'm a little busy!  After I nursed my daughter for 13 months, I grew to despise my pump. A lot. I literally counted down the days until I could throw it in a closet and not have to look at it any more.  Fast forward two years to when my son was born, and I was back at the mercy of my pump.  The part I hated the most was the inconvenience - I'm pretty frugal, so buying a hands free pumping bra for $40 or more was not something on my to-do list!  I made due with a DIY (and horribly ugly) option for about six months.  Then one day, something clicked and I came up with the pumpndo!  It clips right on to your nursing bra or tank, eliminating the need to put on a separate bra to pump hands free!  It is universal to clip on any brand of nursing bra, and fits cup sizes B-DD .  The Pumpndo is officially patent-pending as of 3/29/16!  Proudly Made In America!


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