How does  this thing work?

Instead of fighting gravity, we work with it. Your bra and your pump do most of the work, they just need a little extra help holding the flanges in place.  This is where the Pumpndo comes in.  The weight of your breasts and support of your bra ensure everything is in the right spot and then your pump can do its job.  Check out this video for a full tutorial.

OK, I put this on and the openings seem way off!

Yep, that's on purpose!  The openings will SEEM too high and too close together! This is by design.  Be sure to watch the video tutorial for more info!

What if my pump flanges are one piece? Will it still work?

Yes! Check out this video.

Is it a bra?

No. It uses the bra you already have!

Will it fit me?

Check out this sizing chart to be sure!  

How do I wash the it?

Gentle cycle, line dry.  Warm iron if needed.

Will it support my bottles when they are full?

Yes! Watch this video!

What if it doesn't work for me?

Bummer!  Return it within 14 days for a full refund, less shipping cost.