The BRCA Diaries Vol 7


39 days post op.

3 days back to work. Don't I look happy? :)

Since the last post, I had 2 additional appointments with my surgeon, and now have 450cc of saline in each tissue expander and both drains are GONE! 


After the months of research and reading I had done, I was prepared for the worst with the expanders... I have read so many horror stories!  I'm happy to report that they sort of even look like regular boobs, and I don't think its obvious to anyone that I've gone through any surgeries.  Close up, you can certainly tell (Especially if I give you a hug, they feel like rocks!) - see on my side here - they sort of poke into my armpit area. 

Swimsuit season will be interesting, but I typically only see my kids and husband, so I think we'll be ok there! 

Life has resumed to basically normal for now, while I count down the days to the exchange surgery (which will hopefully be my last!) - where they remove the expanders and swap for silicone implants and do a little fat grafting to smooth out my "breasts".  

I likely won't update again until closer to that surgery -

Peace & Love

Julie Burrell