The BRCA Diaries Vol 4

Post op appt with Dr. Keto went great.  I need zero physical rehab because my range of motion is the shit (She even said, if I can put my hair in a bun, I'm rocking in).  She also said she doesnt' think the pain I'm having is due to nerve regeneration, but more from the tissue expander because it is sewn directly to my chest wall.  So. Ouch.  This pain goes from zero to 100 real quick.

She did give me a matching tape bra on the left side, which helps a TON. (Except it didn't last as long as the one from the plastic surgeon, so I'm trying my own skills at creating tape bras.  I'll begin taking orders now :)  )

Now, I'm officially only taking ibuprofin, which means I CAN HAVE WINE AND I CAN DRIVE, but obvi not at the same time :) 





I'm slowly adding in some walking bc this whole sitting around taking naps is cool and all, but its making me go a bit nutso.  Plus I am all caught up on OITNB and, just... what else is there? 

Next appt is Tuesday the 6th, which I THINK I'll be getting my first expander fills. Yay!  More to come.


Peace & Love,


Julie Burrell