The BRCA Diaries Vol 3

Feb 28. - Day 9.

Last night was a bitch.  I feel like I've taken 4 steps forward over the past few days and like 87 steps back last night.  

My first post-op appt was yesterday.  I had some extra fluid collecting in my right side, so they manually removed it and then taped up my loose skin, to hopefully prevent it from from happening again.  They removed the tape from my incisions (which I still can't really see).  I won't get a fill in my expanders until next week.


I'm off of narcotics, anti-nausea, and nerve blockers - YAY!  Still on Ibuprofen and muscle relaxers though, because mastectomies are a bitch.

Also a bitch, though (and a much much much bigger one) is the pain of nerve regeneration. I had no idea of this was even an thing.  When they removed my breast tissue, they also severed all of the nerves in my breasts.  Imagine a 0 to 10 on a pain scale in 1 second, brought on by zero activity.  I spent the night last night trying not to cry out in pain so my husband could at least sleep a little since he still has to work.   This pain is like a knife stabbing directly in and out my incision.  Holy fuck. This is certainly not all sunshine and rainbows.

The drains suck, won't be getting them out for a few more weeks probably - my daily fluid output is over 200... and I dont get them out until its under 25.  Bummer.  


My brain seems super foggy and my memory sucks. So it's super likely that I've already repeated some of this in prior posts.

My agenda today consists of finishing OITNB. 

Peace & Love,


Julie Burrell