The BRCA Diaries Vol 2

6 days post op.  


When they say "stay ahead of the pain" it's not just like a "hang in there" or "the glass is half full" type of statement.  It's legit. 

I am a crunchy partial hippie and typically opt for Essential Oils for headaches and regular ailments, so taking narcotics is certainly not on my list.  I have 5 meds prescribed to me right now... and like a (stupid) badass, I was trying to skip the Norco. For some reason, I wasn't even taking the Ibuprofin like I should have been. 

From Tuesday to Weds night, I had taken 4 Norcos... which are supposed to be taken every 4 hours (which means I should have taken at least 9... and the rx says I can take 2 at at time).  and only taken Ibuprofin about 3 times... which is supposed to be taken every 6 hours.  What a moron. Imagine childbirth with no meds, and multiply it by about 7,000.  That's what I had going on.

My sweet friend Emily told me I don't get an award for not taking the pain meds. Zero gold stars. Duh, Julie. 

So, then I started my schedule as prescribed.  I basically feel like a new woman.

Currently, my pain goes from my incision to the outside, almost under my armpit (this is more the muscle spasms), but its very manageable right now, and getting better. 

 Night time is the worst - I sleep with like 8 pillows propping me up, but have 4 meds to take in the middle of the night... last night was 8:30, 12, 2:30, 3:30 and 4:30.  

I have this awesome pillow that my bestie Lindsay made me that has been a life saver.  It helps with sleeping, and helps when the kids want to snuggle, so they don't hurt me.

My left nipple is starting to get very dark and I'm afraid of necrosis... And my right breast seems to be holding a lot of liquid, but my plastic surgeon doesn't seem concerned.  I meet with her on Tuesday. 

All in all... I'm alive. 

Peace and love,



PS- if you aren't getting my reference from Peace and Love - we can't be friends.


This one-eye thing I've got going here is a side effect of one of the meds.  Totally messed with my vision.

Julie Burrell