Are You Pumping Again?!

Being a working mom sucks.

Being a pumping mom sucks.

Being a working, breastfeeding/pumping mom sucks a lot.

"Are you pumping AGAIN?!"... asked over and over again by colleagues during conference calls and meetings.  I had no shame, and felt no guilt for pumping and needing extra breaks, but they just didn't GET IT.  That was the frustration... they didn't understand 

a. Why I had to pump so often

b. Why I put myself through the time consuming task of pumping ever 3 hrs

c. Why I had to make everything more difficult for myself (Ensuring I had a refrigerator in hotel rooms, mapping out a pumping spot in the airport, arriving early to every meeting and parking closely so I could pump at breaks in the car...)

Why did I do it? 

I feel breastmilk was the perfect food for my child.  Breastfeeding gave us a bond I was not willing to sacrifice. I am stubborn.  I want to pave a path & make things easier for future breastfeeders and pumpers.


Why do you do it?


Happy Pumping <3

Julie Burrell is a thirty something mom of 2, wine lover and avid breastfeeding supporter.  She accidentally invented the best hands-free pumping option on the market while pumping for her (then) 6 month old.  Simply clip on to your nursing bra and pump hands-free! Grab yours here.

Julie Burrell