Mid-Pregnancy Pump Prep

Sitting at your desk, 38 weeks pregnant and building your post-delivery to-do list?  You are a planner, a scheduler and a go-getter and you don't want to forget anything! 

First - do you have your Breast Pump? If not, get on it mama!  Per the ACA, your insurance should provide a breast pump at little to no cost.  A call to your insurance provider may prove to be frustrating, as they may not be familiar with the process.  I suggest checking your fav brand (I used Medela) and checking which providers they work with.  This site shows 2 dozen results on a quick search for Michigan providers.  

Second - You can never plan your return to work too early.  Obviously you want to enjoy maternity leave and soak up all the newborn squishy snuggles, but reality will call in a few weeks, and you need to know how to be prepared.  

Talk to your employer.  Do they have a pumping room prepared? If not, ask them to do this while you are out.  Plan on pumping every 2-3 hours, and ensure your employer is prepared to work around that.  Having a hands-free pumping device can be a life-saver, especially if your job is demanding and you can't simply stop working during pump-time.  This one has allowed me to pump during conference calls, emails and reports without skipping a beat.  Your co-workers will get used to the sound of the pump, I promise! :) Here is another post that goes into more detail on heading back to work.


Julie Burrell is a thirty something mom of 2, wine lover and avid breastfeeding supporter.  She accidentally invented the best hands-free pumping option on the market while pumping for her (then) 6 month old.  Simply clip on to your nursing bra and pump hands-free! Grab yours here.



Julie Burrell