Break The Formula Cycle

Every mom does it.... "Am I making enough milk?".  Chances are, yes you are.  If you aren't sure, there are a few things to reference here.  

While a doctor may be quick to suggest you supplement with formula to get your baby to sleep longer (complete BS) or if your baby is low on the growth curve (also kind of BS) - what they DON'T tell you is that supplementing can be dangerous to your milk supply.

Breast milk supply is a supply and demand type of thing.  So, you nurse your babe and then offer 2 oz of formula. No big deal, right? WRONG.  Every time your baby has formula instead of your liquid gold, you are telling your body that it does not need to produce any more milk.

Babies should typically get around 24 oz of breast milk per 24 hour period.  So if you are giving three 2 oz bottles a day, that is SIX ounces less your body will produce... UNLESS you tell it to make more! 

How do you do this? 

Hello Breast Pump!

For every bottle feed, you MUST add a pump session.  This tells your breasts that you NEED milk!  This will, in turn, INCREASE your milk supply, and you can eliminate the formula feeds!  Remember - most moms PERCEIVE they have low milk supply (35% of moms who wean early, cite this as the reason) - but this is most often a PERCEPTION and not a reality.  You got this.

Happy Pumping!

<3 Julie

Julie Burrell is a thirty something mom of 2, wine lover and avid breastfeeding supporter.  She accidentally invented the best hands-free pumping option on the market while pumping for her (then) 6 month old.  Simply clip on to your nursing bra and pump hands-free! Grab yours here.

Julie Burrell