Flow Milk, Flow!

Milk flowing, milk-drunk babies, a freezer full of storage bags.... ahhh the things dreams are made of!  

Reality is not always what we expect though - amiright?!

Whether you are breastfeeding or pumping, it is essential for the milk to flow!  

A few pointers -

Relax. (easier said than done, I know!)

Massage your breasts, starting at the top, working your way down to the nipple.  Think of how you'd milk a cow. Serious.

If you are pumping and away from your babe, look at pictures or videos of them nursing, or the most adorable pics/videos you can find.  This will cue oxytocin hormones and help the milk to start flowing.

Fuel your body - hydrate & consume calories EVERY pump/nursing session!


Happy Pumping! <3



Julie Burrell is a thirty something mom of 2, wine lover and avid breastfeeding supporter.  She accidentally invented the best hands-free pumping option on the market while pumping for her (then) 6 month old.  Simply clip on to your nursing bra and pump hands-free! Grab yours here.


Julie Burrell