600 Minutes A Week

600 minutes... yes, 10 HOURS a week spent pumping.  

While this is nothing compared to what an exclusively pumping mama endures, it is rough. 

Why? Because scrolling through my Insta feed or Facebook groups, I see spectacular pump output pictures all day, but often wonder, how do they get so much milk?!  

Not all breasts are created equal, and not all milk output is the same.  Normal output per pump session is only 2-4 oz total.  But, I wasn't getting that much until I extended my pump sessions.  

Did you know many women have TWO letdowns?  Your first will likely occur within a minute or so of your pump session starting (some pumps even have a letdown button to help!) and after 10 or 15 minutes, your milk flow may start to slow down.  You do NOT have to stop now! Keep on pumping to experience that second letdown.  

My pump sessions were always over 30 minutes, to get enough milk to feed my milky babes.  Don't get discouraged if you don't pump 5 oz in 10 minutes like those lucky mamas on your feed.

So... how long do you pump?

Love & Breast Milk


Julie Burrell is a thirty something mom of 2, wine lover and avid breastfeeding supporter.  She accidentally invented the best hands-free pumping option on the market while pumping for her (then) 6 month old.  Simply clip on to your nursing bra and pump hands-free! Grab yours here.


Julie Burrell