Can I Get A Milk Chaser?

So you've always been told if you drink and breastfeed, you have to pump & dump, right? WRONG!  Long gone are the days of needing to test your milk with those horribly inaccurate test strips or simply being unable to enjoy a glass of wine or freshly shaken martini.  As this picture below depicts 12 week postpartum me enjoying a larger than life glass of vino directly after a nursing session (See my super cool apron-style cover? So 2013!!) I'm pretty pumped about this info.

In fact, current data shows that 1-2 drinks does not appear to be harmful to your baby at all.  The cool thing about our bodies is that the majority of the alcohol that you drink, doesn't even make it into your milk.  Your body absorbs and metabolizes alcohol in your milk the same way it does in your blood.  

While this doesn't mean you can binge and go shotgun a 6 pack of beer like you did in college (that wasn't just me, was it!?), it does mean you can enjoy yourself!  The general rule of thumb is that if you are sober enough to drive, you are sober enough to nurse.  The AAP warns that alcohol is not a galactogogue, and can inhibit let-down.  While this is true, some ingredients in certain drinks (BEER) contain ingredients that have been known to INCREASE milk production (Brewers Yeast!). 

My advice? Plan out your night.

Alcohol takes about 30-60 minutes to make it into your milk, so nurse your baby right before you have a drink.  It takes about 90-120 minutes to be metabolized, which is about when your baby would need to eat again.  If you are going out - plan on pumping every 3 hours to mimic when your baby would feed, but don't you dare dump it!

So... on this #nationalmartiniday - enjoy one, shaken or stirred... with a milk chaser for your babe.