First Time Nursing Moms... HELP!

So you are a first time (nursing) mom... and you have no idea what you need to have in preparation for your upcoming squish?  Don't worry, you aren't alone.

Deciding to breastfeed is an amazing start - Good Job!

As you fill out your registry, the "feeding" category has tons of items that benefit both formula and breastfed babies, but what do you ACTUALLY need?

Bottles are a great place to start.  Unless you never plan to be away from your baby for even one feeding for 8 or so months (until they start drinking from a cup)... You'll probably need a few bottles!  Brands are mostly personal preference in my opinion - I used Medela with B1 and Lifefactory with B2.

Bottle Brush... sure makes cleaning bottles easier!  Plus they are only a few dollars.

Bottle rack... again, personal preference here.  I don't like clutter (the current state of my house right now disagrees) - so this was just one more thing to sit on my counter.  I just used the regular strainer.

Bottle Warmer... We have one and my husband used this every time he was feeding either babe.  Breastmilk should NEVER be heated in the microwave, so you can run a bottle under hot water, or boil some water and stick the bottle in, but we found the bottle warmer is much quicker.  (The one we have they don't make anymore).

Breastfeeding Pillow... As a first timer, especially in the first several weeks, I thought this was a MUST HAVE.  It's amazing how tired your arm gets holding a 7 lb baby.  The second time around, I think I only used it for the first week.  So, throw it on your registry and maybe your Great Aunt will buy you one!  I have this one.

Breast Pump... MUST HAVE.  Manual or Electric will depend on how often you plan on pumping.  If you are a working mom like me, you will 10000% want a double electric.  Most insurances cover one of these, so contact your insurance before you deliver!

Nursing Bras... My favorites were from Motherhood Maternity.  Cheap and good quality!

Hands-Free Pumping Solution...  Save yourself some hassle and skip the pumping bra - Use this handy device that converts your nursing bra into a hands-free pumping bra!

Breast Milk Storage...  Bags are probably the most convenient (My favorite were Medela), but I also used these handy trays with B2.  You'll also need some type of a cooler to keep your milk cooled if you are out and about while pumping. 

Nursing Cover... If you are comfortable nursing in public, in front of your brother or father-in-law - then you can probably skip this.  But if you think you might feel a bit awkward, I'd grab a handy nursing scarf or something similar. These are versatile, so you can wear them when you are not nursing, and it just looks like a regular scarf!

Nursing Clothes... You can make almost anything breastfeeding friendly, but splurging on a few quality pieces of actual nursing clothes will make it a lot more convenient, especially in public! Here is my favorite brand.

Nipple cream... Yes, I'm serious.  They'll crack and bleed in the first few weeks.  You will want relief.  (But you can always rub breastmilk on them, and it will help!)  There are several options available, but here and here are some pretty great ones.


I sure hope this helps! 


Happy Pumping
<3 Julie

Julie Burrell