Travel, pump, work, pump, repeat.

Throughout my 27 months of pumping, I traveled for work more times than I can count.  While I'm pretty outspoken about my need to pump, it is still pretty awkward to need to plan out pump breaks when you are traveling all day.  From Monroe, NY to Wausau, WI, I've pumped in Airport bathrooms, rental cars & hotel rooms to name a few.  

While the rental car was always the most convenient, (Didn't have to ask anyone or coordinate a space), it sure can be cold in Ft. Wayne, IN in the middle of January.  

What if there was this magical app that pointed out safe, clean breastfeeding & pumping rooms across the globe?  Wouldn't that be magical?

Well fellow pumpers, wish no more! With over 5,000 confirmed pumping & breastfeeding rooms listed so far - Moms Pump Here is the next app you need to download!  At only 99c and available on the Apple App Store or Google Play, it is affordable and very user friendly.  Not only can you search nearby rooms, you can also rate & review existing rooms and add new ones you find!  

Created by moms for moms, this app is a must have!  Whether you are traveling for work and need to stop at the Madison Concourse Hotel to pump in between meetings or if you are out with your kids and need a quiet place to breastfeed while shopping at the Vancouver Mall - this app has them listed for you to find!

Each room is verified for security and validity to ensure the safety of women and families.  They even have templates available for download to request establishments to add nursing / pumping rooms!

Before you head out on your next adventure, take a moment and download this app and help spread the word to #normalizebreastfeeding and #normalizepumping across the globe.  

Happy Pumping Mamas!


<3 Julie


Julie Burrell