How Nursing a Toddler is Blissful Insanity

First, if you would have told me a few years ago, that I would be nursing a 19 month old, I probably would have told you to go f*ck yourself. 

When I was pregnant for our first born, I knew I wanted to breastfeed, and I knew I'd do anything I could to be successful.  Which I was (not without struggles of course), but I was SO READY to be done pumping (Probably because I didn't have a Pumpndo to make my life a billion times easier) , so I stopped at 11 months and used freezer stash to make it to 12 months - and she was fully weaned (with much pressure from me) by 13 months.  Now, this was mostly selfish, as I wanted my body back, and we were TTC for baby #2.  Fast forward to 19 months ago, beautiful baby boy arrived and I started another breastfeeding journey.  

Another note - nobody can ever fully explain how breastfeeding changes you, but let me tell you... if you are on the fence - give it a shot.  It is literally life changing.  I mean... you are the complete source for your child's nourishment.  How cool is that?

Anyway - so, once B2 reached 12 months, he was still nursing at night (usually twice), and around 3 times a day.  Probably because he is my last baby, I didn't even think to start weaning.  I'm also becoming so much more of an attachment parent than I ever thought I would, so I think self weaning is important. 

As an infant, babies cry, and you comfort them. You offer the boob to feed, comfort and put them to sleep.  These things don't change as they grow to toddlers.  Today, for example, B1 hit B2 in the head (HARD) with her plastic T-Ball bat.  Hysterical, but comforted in seconds with boob.  Granted, he gets the majority of his nourishment now from table food, but Breastmilk still provides a ton of vitamins & nutrients for his growing body.   Now that he can communicate in ways other than cries, he points and tugs at my shirt when he wants to nurse.  He never gives me kisses, but will blow raspberries after he is done nursing.  He is a delayed talker, but our "extended" nursing has given us a continued outlet to make him feel safe and loved, even when he cannot verbally express himself.  He hasn't nursed to sleep in months and is finally sleeping all night, but if he woke up scared, you can bet he'd calm down pretty quick with some boob.  

So... insanity? Well, he's a toddler. By definition, that is a tiny crazy person, I'm pretty sure. Blissful?  How could it be anything but when you look at this sweet face? 

How long will we go? Only time will tell.  Have a problem with it? Your mom should have taught you to keep your asshole comments to yourself :)


Julie Burrell