Best Baby Shower Gifts!

I have probably been to 50 baby showers in my life.  Since becoming a Mom, the gifts I give have changed dramatically.  I happen to have a shower next weekend, and thought I'd share my favorite gifts to give & why!

Most every new mom registers somewhere, and I normally look at the registry of course, but I rarely stick to it.  Yep, I'm one of those people.


Well, Obviously I'm a Breastfeeding advocate :)  So here are my favorite nursing items:

Medela Quick Steam Bags.  They make sanitizing pump parts, bottles or binks on the go a breeze.  

Pumpndo.  I would be silly not to gift this life saver at any opportunity.  The most user friendly, cost effective tool on the market for hands-free pumping -- Def a must have for any mom that needs to pump.  (In case you don't know what this is, check out this video.)  

Life Factory.  These are my favorite bottles to use.  I've been trying to eliminate plastic wherever possible for the past few years, and these bottles were an important investment I made.  They also have handy sippy cup tops, so they grow with your baby.  

And then non-nursing related (Because babies do grow up).  

These plates are our favorite at home.  The Replay line of plates & bowls are perfect for toddlers figuring out how to use silverware.  The high sides help them to get and keep food on their spoon or fork.  I didn't get these for this shower, but I have for others in the past.  

Edited: Can't believe I forgot about Silikids! It's even in the picture below. (Thanks mombrain.)  I first learned about Silikids from following Mommycon on Instagram - They have universal sippy cup tops that fit on any cup you already have! (GENIUS) So obviously we bought some, and love them!  Then, when at 5x5 Night, I met someone who was telling me about Silikids and that the Mom who invented it is from Traverse City, MI! (Which is about 2 hours from me) So naturally, I love the company more -- Which led me to purchasing another of their products, the SiliBib.

Have you heard of ezpz placemats?  You should check them out.  I'm a sucker for all things silicon.  If I'd known about these awesome mats when B2 was smaller, I would have bought them for sure.  But they have made it to the baby shower list!  


I used Pampers with my first, and cloth with my second.  This is an item I stick to the registry on.  


I typically get my favorite bath/baby products in a gift set from Lemongrass Spa.  Smells amazing and free from chemicals.  Made in the USA too!


aden + anais blankets are my absolute favorite, and they make a perfect shower gift.

My other favorite bedding item is hand made quilt from Salvaged Stitches.  She can do custom quilts, and specializes in t-shirt quilts. I have two from her, and they are so well made and hold up great through many washings.  

I'm currently waiting on the Amazon shipment to arrive, so I'll update in a few days with a picture of the loot.

Updated - Here is a pic of the items I am giving at my upcoming shower :)  And I'm sure it goes without saying - I don't typically buy all the items on this list, but pick and choose depending on my budget.


Hopefully this helps if you need ideas for an upcoming shower! 


Happy Pumping!